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Comprised of the mergers and acquisitions of businesses, corporate restructuring, franchising, shareholders’ agreement, securities law and all issues pertaining to routine corporate management; Banking and Financing Law, including negotiating and completing loan documents, security documents, and re-financings.
Real Estate and Construction Law including commercial and residential real property transactions and land development, commercial leasing and negotiation of construction contracts, construction financing and construction lien issues. We provide our clients with expert advice and represent them in all aspects of commercial real estate matters, including acquisitions, planning, project development, financing, dispositions, property insurance and title insurance. Our clients include vendors, purchasers, large and small developers, property managers, and financial institutions. Our lawyers work closely with our commercial real estate clients so that we can proactively support their changing needs.

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Hercules Faga Profesional Corporation delivers a combination of expertise, experience, overall resources and staffing to undertake and expeditiously complete real estate transactions of any size or complexity and on whatever schedule might be required. We have a proven ability to handle transactions on any basis engaging, when appropriate, an established network of local counsel to assist. We will help you close your deal on time, handle all the financials and paperwork and ensure everything is in perfect order so that you get your keys on closing with the least interruption to your busy life.

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The services provided by Hercules Faga Profesional Corporation include the drafting of wills, creating financial trusts, administering trusts and estates, tax planning advice and the creation of power of attorney.

These varied areas require extensive knowledge in the areas of real estate, tax and family law – a knowledge base that our skilled team has mastered. When it comes to estates following the passing of an individual we provide services for succession and probate (the obtaining of a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee) a court application required for the administration of the estate.

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